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“Improve communities by ensuring quality, affordable housing is attainable by all. ”

Edgemark Communities, a division of Edgemark Development LLC, brings experience spanning three decades of commercial real estate acquisitions and development to the affordable housing market. Our affordable housing platform, including workforce and HUD communities, yields attractive returns with a hedge against income risk via sustainable rents that are often rent guaranteed by the Federal Government. Our disciplined and strategic operations satisfy a higher social calling of providing quality affordable housing to lower income families in underprivileged and underserved communities.

Historically, demand has been strong for affordable housing both in times of prosperity and in times of economic uncertainty. In addition to strong economic returns with mitigated risks, Edgemark Communities benefits from barriers to entry in the form of complex regulatory requirements resulting in management intensive operations required to own government subsidized housing.


Americans face a large and growing constraint in the supply of affordable housing, with increasing rental costs continuing to outpace income growth for millions. Edgemark Communities was created to own a portfolio of affordable and government subsidized multi-family properties providing attainable homes to families throughout the Southeast and Midwest United States.

While the housing crisis in major cities receives the vast majority of attention and thus economic stimulus, secondary markets, with otherwise strong real estate fundamentals, are often overlooked. Edgemark Communities focuses on these supply-constrained markets using low rent and government subsidized housing as an investment platform for higher yield returns with the added benefit of socially responsible mission-driven real estate ownership. Our results aim to achieve attractive investment opportunities while providing housing that meets both affordability and quality of living standards.


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