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Acquires • Develops • Leases and Manages Commercial Real Estate and Affordable Housing

We believe market knowledge, attention to details and integrity are the cornerstones of our success. With these traits as our foundation, Edgemark has established its reputation as one of the elite real estate companies in the Denver market, with experience in acquiring or developing over 5.2 million square feet in 22 states. Our projects have spanned numerous asset classes including multi-family, self-storage, retail, office and senior living.

Most of Edgemark’s properties have been self-funded, giving us full discretion to make buying decisions in an efficient and timely manner. We invest in every project to ensure our interests are aligned with our investors. In addition, our low leverage and impeccable borrowing history bolster Edgemark’s ability to transact quickly and forgo any finance contingencies.

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Edgemark Development recognizes the importance of building an effective team to accomplish our goals. Throughout the years we have consistently committed ourselves to working with individuals and companies who are recognized authorities within their respected fields. Utilization of our extensive network of reliable resources has proven invaluable in the execution of our investment strategy.


Edgemark Development exemplifies a long outstanding record of sustainable urban development. One of the foundations of our success are the strong partnerships with local communities, city planners, and adjoining neighbors. Throughout our history, Edgemark has demonstrated a willingness and ingenuity to resolve the constraints associated with each project. As such each project reflects vital awareness of forethought as well as conscious design in layout and functionality.


We share a common investment and commitment to the utmost degree of responsibility regarding environmental policies and procedures. Edgemark Development has exemplified community leadership through its dedication to a self-prescribed environmental due diligence process that far surpasses formal requirements including LEED standards. This includes capitalization on such tangible benefits as sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection and indoor environmental quality. Edgemark also offers an abundance of experience partnering with other businesses and local government to cooperatively incorporate such elements of environmental responsibility.


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